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The use of skin grafts in the management of dehorning complications in West African Dwarf Bucks

E.A.O. Sogebi, I.S. Adefila, A.O. Talabi, S.A. Babalola, C.A. Eze


Four West African Dwarf (WAD) bucks were presented with overgrown horns at Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. Dehorning was performed using standard surgical procedure. Fourteen days postsurgery, autogenous-skin graft was performed on the bucks when they had closure failure of the frontal sinuses following dehorning. Standard surgical and anaesthetic techniques were adopted in harvesting circular (2cm in diameter) full-thickness skin grafts from both sides of the abdomen of the bucks; grafts were made on the recipient beds after debriding the excess granulation tissue. Complete inosculation of the vessels and healing was observed on the grafts by fourteenth day post-grafting. The surgical wound of the donor sites healed without complications. Tension–releasingincision was suggested as an alternative to autogenous-grafting in other to minimize post-surgical complications associated with double surgery in autogenous-skin grafting and the anaesthetic risks of the patients. Disbudding at early stage of life in bucks prone to in-growing horns is recommended to animal owners as a management practice to avoid horn overgrowth at older stage.

Keywords: Skin Grafts; Dehorning; Complications; WAD Bucks

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