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Performance of yearling bunaji bulls fed diets containing graded level of palm kernel cake

R.T. Sani
O.S. Lamidi
D.D. Dung
M.R. Hassan


A growth trial was conducted for 90 days using 20 yearling Bunaji Bulls with live weight range of 110-150kg and aged 1-1.5 years. They were balanced for weight and allotted to five dietary treatments with four bulls per treatment in Completely Randomized Design to determine growth performance of Bunaji Bulls fed diets containing varying levels of Palm Kernel Cake (PKC). Concentrate and basal diets of Digitaria smutsii were offered at 2% body weight. The CP contents of  theexperimental diets varied between 14.19 and 17.75% while ME ranged from 11.79 to  11.81MJ/kg DM. The crude fibre varied from 26.36-38.77%. Average feed intake ranged between 5.38-5.61Kg/day with animals on 10%, 20% and 40% PKC being statistically similar (P>0.05). Average daily weight gain was highest for animal on 0% PKC while those on 10, 20, 30%, 40% PKC inclusion where similar (P>0.05). All the experimental Bulls attained an average weight gain of between 0.66Kg to 0.75Kg. Cost per kg gain was similar at 0% and 20%PKC inclusion and lowest at 40% PKC. Value of gain (VWG) were similar (P>0.05) for Bulls on 10%, 20%, 30% and 40% PKC inclusion. There was positive Net Benefit and Return on Investment on feed across treatments. The inclusion of PKC lead to reduction in feed cost from N 19598 to a range of N 18761.00- N 15609.00 (about  4.27%-20% reduction in feed cost) therefore it was concluded that Palm Kernel Cake can be included in yearling diets up to 40%.

Key words: Bunaji bulls, Palm Kernel Cake, Growth trial, Partial budget.

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eISSN: 1119-4308