Comparative evaluation of the physiological responses and blood profile of the Fulani eco-type chicken, Arbor acre broilers and its crosses during the dry season

  • I.A. Omodewu
  • A.K. Tiamiyu
Keywords: Physiological response, blood profile, Fulani ecotype, broiler chickens, crosses


This study was conducted to compare the physiological response and blood profile of 20 each of 4month old Fulani Eco-type Chicken (FF), Arbor Acre broiler (BB), its crosses (BF) and reciprocal crosses (FB). The study lasted for 8weeks with each bird group having 10 Matured cock and 10 Hen respectively. The live weight of the birds were determined using a digital weighing scale while physiological parameters Rectal Temperature (RT), Respiratory Rate (RR) and Heart Rate (HR) were measured during the hot afternoon between 1-3pm. The ambient temperature and humidity were measured using a digital thermo-hygrometer. Blood samples were collected for the determination of haematological indices and serum analysis. The result indicated that strain influenced the physiological parameters (p<0.05), FF had the lowest RT (41.30C) while the highest was recorded in BB (42.30Cunit), RR and HR followed the same trend with BB having the least mean while FF, BF and FB were similar. RR recorded for FF, BF, FB and BB were 30.6, 31.8, 32.4 and 42.0 breaths/minute while HR was 198.6, 193.8, 201 and 219beats/minute respectively. All parameters evaluated were influenced by sex (P<0.05). RT was higher in males (41.90C) compared to females (41.50C). The RR (37.5 breaths/minute) and HR (210.00 beats/minute) of hens were higher than those of cocks which were 30.9 breaths/minute and 196 beats/minute respectively. The strains influenced (p<0.05) Red blood cells, White blood cells and blood platelets while packed cell volume and Heamoglobin were not affected. The red blood cells and white blood cells followed similar trend with FF having higher count while BF and FF had similar counts whereas BB had the lowest count. Parameters such as Albumin, Aspartate aminotransferase, Alanine aminotransferase and Alkaline phosphatase were not influenced whereas total protein, Glucose, Globulin and creatinine were influenced (P<0.05) by strain. It is concluded from this study that the Fulani Eco-type chicken (FF) followed by the crosses (BF and FB) had better physiological response compared to the Broiler Chicken.


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eISSN: 1119-4308