Biodiversity information resource sharing as a viable strategy for biodiversity conservation

  • PS Nyinondi
  • AM Chailla


Availability of accurate biodiversity information is a paramount necessity in
facilitating the process of decision making on biodiversity resource use and
protection. In Tanzania, like other countries in East Africa, a lot of biodiversity data and information is produced, analysed and disseminated as reports, seminars, proceedings or publications. However, few people get
access to them. This paper highlights the importance of biodiversity information and awareness of such information among people for maximum usage. It points out potential factors for increasing wider circulation of biodiversity information and biodiversity information resource sharing as a viable strategy in conservation. The paper also sights some of the past and present experiences in biodiversity information resource sharing in order to have a better understanding of the broadness of the strategy. It advocates the use of ICT developments in facilitating biodiversity information resource sharing and recommends ways forward, pointing out the need for an in depth study of the current situation in biodiversity information, storage, accessibility and establishment of a Biodiversity Information Facility (BIF) unit as recommended by United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).

Keywords: Biological diversity-informationresources – conservation - ICTs- biodiversity facility unit


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eISSN: 2408-8137
print ISSN: 2408-8129