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Effect of honey and intensity of swimming exercise on semen parameters of male albino Wistar rats

H.M. Abdullahi
M.K. Atiku
Y Abdulmumin
W.H. Sadiya


Background: The impairment of male fertility has been linked to exercise in a volume‑, intensity‑, and modality‑dependent manner. Infertility is a worldwide problem and male factor infertility is found to be increased. Chronic administration of honey results in elevating sorbitol dehydrogenase activity and decreases lactose dehydrogenase activity, which was found to be in abundance in spermatids and spermatozoa, and a decrease in this enzyme significantly affects the semen parameters and decreases ATP synthesis due to oxidative stress.

Objective: The study aimed to evaluate the effect of honey and intensity of swimming exercise on semen parameters of male albino Wistar rats.

Methodology: A randomized control trial study was adopted involving 50 sexually mature male Wistar rats (180 ± 20 g). The selected rats were divided into five groups of 10 rats each: group I served as normal control while group II was induced with honey only and served as study control. Groups III–V were study groups induced orally with 7.5 mL/kg of honey twice per week for 8 weeks and exposed to mild, moderate, and high‑intensity swimming exercises 5 days/week for 8 weeks, respectively.

Results: Chronic oral administration of pure honey showed that motility, viability, sperm count, and semen morphology were significantly lower, and percentages of abnormal morphology were found to be significantly higher (P < 0.05) in group II
compared with normal control rats (group I). There was a significant decrease in motility, viability, and morphology in group V when compared with groups I, III, and IV. However, they were significantly higher when compared with test control group. The decrease was found to be swimming exercise time‑dependent.

Conclusion: Chronic consumption of pure honey has a deleterious effect on semen parameters, and mild, moderate, and intensity swimming exercises were found to have a positive effect of induced semen parameters of male albino Wistar rats.

Keywords: Exercise; honey; intensity; semen; Wistar rats

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eISSN: 0189-5117