Intermittent Urinary Retention Secondary to a Cervical Leiomyoma

  • J Eigbefoh
  • D Onuminyan
  • J Abebe


A rare case of intemittent acute urinary retention secondary to impacted posteriorly sited cervical fibroid in a 34 year old nulliparous woman is deescribed. She presented with a two year history of progressive lower abdominal swelling and a one year history of recurrent urinary retention. She had a preoperative diagnosis of impacted posteriorly sited uterine leiomyoma with anterior displacement of the cervix. At laparotomy however, a huge intramural cervical fibroid was found in the posterior part of the cervix measuring 14cm? 12cm extending superiorly to the lower uterine segment and inferiorly into the pouch of Douglas. It completely filled the pelvis and displaced the cervix anteriorly. The uterus was of normal size. A myomectomy with excision of the fibroid was performed. Urinary retention completely
resolved after surgery.

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eISSN: 0189-5117