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Chemotherapy drug regimen optimization using deterministic oscillatory search algorithm

N Archana, Antony Manoj Fh Benedict, J Niresh


Purpose: To schedule chemotherapy drug delivery using Deterministic Oscillatory Search algorithm, keeping the toxicity level within permissible limits and reducing the number of tumor cells within a predefined time period.
Methods: A novel metaheuristic algorithm, deterministic oscillatory search, has been used to optimize the Gompertzian model of the drug regimen problem. The model is tested with fixed (fixed interval variable dose, FIVD) and variable (variable interval variable dose, VIVD) interval schemes and the dosage presented for 52 weeks. In the fixed interval, the treatment plan is fixed in such a way that doses are given on the first two days of every seven weeks such as day 7, day 14, etc.
Results: On comparing the two schemes, FIVD provided a higher reduction in the number of tumor cells by 98 % compared to 87 % by VIVD after the treatment period. Also, a significant reduction in the number was obtained half way through the regimen. The dose level and toxicity are also reduced in the FIVD scheme. The value of drug concentration is more in FIVD scheme (50) compared to VIVD (41); however, it is well within the acceptable limits of concentration. The results proved the effectiveness of the proposed technique in terms of reduced drug concentration, toxicity, tumor size and drug level within a predetermined time period.
Conclusion: Artificial intelligent techniques can be used as a tool to aid oncologists in the effective treatment of cancer through chemotherapy.

Keywords: Deterministic Oscillatory Search, Chemotherapy scheduling, Drug schedule, Artificial intelligence
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