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Assessment of the State of Herbal Medicines Research and Development in Nigeria

KP Osemene
MO Ilori
AA Elujoba


Purpose: To examine the state of herbal medicines research and development (R&D) outputs in universities, research institutes and pharmaceutical manufacturing firms in Nigeria. Methods: Questionnaires were administered to core researchers in the above-mentioned research organizations using purposive and convenient sampling technique. The questionnaire elicited vital information on researcher’s area of specialization, academic qualifications, state of research facilities and approach to herbal medicines R&D by the organization. Data were analyzed using appropriate statistical tools. Results: The study revealed that the researchers were highly qualified individuals who specialized in eight distinct areas. Research facilities were in varying degrees of deterioration. Major R&D activities were incremental or modification of products/process (58 %), continuous improvement of R&D programs (23 %), radical process/product development (20 %), and creative (11 %) and duplicative (7 %) efforts. Strategies to enhance herbal medicine R&D were increased funding (36.3 %), training of researchers (28.1 %), improvement in R&D infrastructure (18.6 %) and fostering public-private partnership (17 %). Conclusion: Herbal medicines R&D is not fully developed in Nigeria due to a myriad of fundamental challenges facing the key players.

Keywords: Research and development, Herbal medicine, Innovation, Pharmaceutical firms.

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