Tropical Veterinarian

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Uterine Torsion in a West African Dwarf Ewe in Ibadan, Nigeria

O Oluwatoyin Ajala, BO Emikpe, MO Oyeyemi


Keywords: Uterine torsion, West African Dwarf Ewe, Ibadan

A case of uterine torsion in a 21/2 year old pluriparous West Africa Dwarf (WAD) ewe raised semi intensively with adequate veterinary care before the death of the dam and the lamb is presented. The dam had been off feed for 3 days and was found straining a night before her death. The lamb was a male of 37cm crown rump length (CRL), weight, 3.0kg and showed other features consistent with a full term lamb. The post mortem findings and the predisposing factors are discussed.

Trop. Vet. Vol. 20(4) 2002: 201-203
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