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Detection of bovine tuberculosis in African buffaloes and indigenous cattle in Mikumi ecosystem, Tanzania

RS Mwakapuja, ZE Makondo, I Nassoro, RH Mdegela, I Moser, RR Kazwala, M Tanner


Mycobacterium bovis is the aetiological agent for bovine tuberculosis (BTB) in wildlife and livestock. A study to detect BTB in live buffaloes (Syncerus caffer) and evaluation of diagnostics was conducted in buffaloes and indigenous cattle in Mikumi ecosystem. Gamma interferon (γIFN) and BovidTB Stat-Pak tests were used to detect BTB in buffaloes and cattle. Also cattle were tested for BTB using single intradermal comparative tuberculin test (SICTT). Kappa statistic was applied to determine the agreements between the tests. A total of 63 buffaloes were tested with γIFN and BovidTB Stat-Pak while 180 cattle were tested with γIFN, BovidTB Stat-Pak and SICTT. Two (3.2%) and 4 (6.4%) buffaloes were positive by γIFN and BovidTB Stat-Pak, respectively. Twenty one (11.7%) and 44 (24.4%) cattle were tested positive by γIFN and BovidTB Stat-Pak, respectively. The agreement between γIFN and Bovid Stat-Pak in buffaloes and cattle was k=0.14 and k=0.5, respectively. This study suggests that there is transmission of M. bovis between domestic and wild animals in the ecosystem. Moreover, combinations of the tests can improve the detection of infected animals. BovidTB Stat-Pak and γIFN are ideal for diagnosis of BTB in wildlife and pastoral cattle. More effort is required to improve their sensitivity and specificity.

Keywords: Serological tests, gamma interferon, wildlife, BovidTB Stat-Pak

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