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Comparative effectiveness of Aloe vera aqueous crude extracts and ivermectin for treatment of gastrointestinal nematodes infection in goats

H. Ibrahim, J. Nzalawahe


The current study was undertaken to determine the effectiveness of Aloe vera aqueous crude extracts in comparison to Ivermectin in treatment of gastrointestinal nematodes infections in goats at Sokoine University of Agriculture in Morogoro. Goats were examined for GIT nematode infections using modified Mc master technique and those with EPG ≥ 150 were recruited for this trial. Furthermore, the recruited animals were randomly allocated into three groups (@10 animals) that included one control group and two experimental groups. The control group was left untreated while the remaining experimental groups were treated with Aloe Vera aqueous crude extracts and Ivermectin respectively. Faecal samples were collected at day of treatment (day 0) and days 14 and 21 post treatment. The effectiveness of the Aloe Vera and Ivermectin was assessed using Feacal Egg Count Reduction Test (FERT). The anthelmintic was considered to be effective when the calculated FECRT% was ≥ 95% and 95% Lower Confidence Limit (LCL) was ≥ 90%. The day 14 post treatment results of FERT% and LCL for Aloe vera were 97% and 74% while for Ivermectin were 96% and 69% respectively. However, the FERT% and LCL results at day 21 post treatment were 100% for both products. The findings of this study indicate that Aloe vera aqueous crude extracts were effective as Ivermectin in treatment of GIT nematodes infections in goats.

Keywords: Aloe vera, Ivermectin, GIT nematodes, Goats

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