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Causes of organ condemnations and financial losses in cattle slaughtered at Mahenge slaughter facility in Ulanga District, Morogoro, Tanzania

E.G. Lyimo, B.B. Ntikabuze, M. M. Olkitok, N.D. Nyalyoto


This study was conducted to identify major causes of organs condemnation in cattle slaughtered at Mahenge facility and to estimate the direct financial losses. Study involved antemortem and postmortem examinations to 155 cattle from January to February 2017, and 5 years (January 2012 – December 2016) retrospective data on meat inspection records. During antemortem examination, out of 155 cattle examined, 30 (19.4%) had various abnormalities that included lacrimation (5.8%), pale mucus membrane (3.9%), nasal discharge (2.6%), hernia (1.3%), salivation (1.3%), lameness (5.8%), emaciation (3.9%), depression (1.3%), blindness (1.3%), local swelling (1.9%) and rough hair coat (1.9%). Postmortem examination revealed that 23 (14.8%) liver, 21 (13.6%) lungs, 22 (14.2%) kidneys, 29 (18.7%), 12 (7.7%) were condemned due to various causes. Fasciolosis (13.5%) was the main causes of liver condemnation followed by calcified cysts (6.4%), peritonitis (4.2%) and abscess (2.3%). The major causes of lung condemnation were emphysema, haemorrhages, pneumonia, calcified cysts, abscessation and congestions accounting for 10.0, 7.4, 4.9, 1.6, 0.2 and 0.08%, respectively. The major causes for condemnations of kidneys were congenital cysts (2.6%), hydronephrosis (3.9%) and nephritis (3.3%). About 3,567,000.00 Tanzanian shillings (1621.4 USD) were lost from organs condemnation during the active survey of two months. From the retrospective data it was observed that intestine, liver and lung were the most condemned organs with condemnation rate of 18.7, 14.8 and 13.6%, respectively. The main causes of organ condemnation were (fasciolosis (14%), Emphysema (10%), pimply gut (7.2%), calcified cysts (6.4%), haemorrhages (7.4%) and jaundice (5.5%) respectively. Consequently, the overall direct financial loss during the five years was estimated to be 26,477,000.00 Tanzanian shillings (12,035 USD). This study identified various causes of organ condemnation and their economic importance in the area. Therefore, it is necessary to establish appropriate strategy for prevention and control.

Keywords: Slaughter facility, cattle, organ condemnation, financial loss

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