Rekspring en die eKstreme sublieme

  • Amanda du Preez University of Pretoria, Pretoria, South Africa
Keywords: Bungee jumping, extreme sport, Kantian sublime


Bungee jumping and the eXtreme sublime [Afrikaans]

This article traces the relation between bungee jumping as eXtreme sport and the experience culture that we live in. It is argued that the sublime has been commodified to suit consumers' preferences and choices. The higher the bridge or drop the more enticing and challenging the jump. The sublime experience of bungee jumping has been reduced to a “drug” that can be induced whenever a quick fix of adrenaline is needed. The difference between the Kantian sublime and the sensational sublime, as figured in bungee jumping and other extreme sports, is also discussed. Some comparative notes are made between the Romantic sublime as figured in the landscapes of Friedrich and bungee jumping. Where the Romantic sublime still worked with a necessary distance between object and subject the contemporary extreme sublime attempts to momentously disrupt the distance and become one with the eventfulness of the sublime.

Key words: Bungee jumping, extreme sport, Kantian sublime

Rekspring en die eKstreme sublieme

Hierdie artikel spoor die verhouding tussen rekspring as eKstreme sportsoort en die ervaringsekonomie waarin ons leef na. Daar word geargumenteer dat die sublieme ‘n kommoditeit geword het wat volgens verbruikerskeuses en vooroordele geskep word. Hoe hoër die brug of vryval, hoe groter die uitdaging en die kans om die sublieme te induseer. Die sublieme ervaring van rekspring is gereduseer tot adrenalienverslawing. Die verskil tussen die Kantiaanse en die kontemporêre sublieme word ook ondersoek. Vergelykende notas word gemaak tussen die Romantiese sublieme soos dit gefigureer het in die landskappe van Friedrich en rekspring. Waar die Romantiese sublieme steeds met ‘n afstand tussen die objek en subjek gewerk het, poog die sensasionele sublieme van eKstreme sport om een met die moment te word en dus die afstand tussen objek en subjek op te hef.

Trefwoorde: rekspring (bungee jumping) ekstreme sport, Kantiaanse sublieme

Tydskrif vir letterkunde Vol. 41(2) 2004: 55-68

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eISSN: 2309-9070
print ISSN: 0041-476X