Midwives and Bereaved Mothers

  • Isabella S. Ziyane


The study investigated midwives' attitudes and knowledge of the grieving process; and the emotional support that is given to women who have delivered stillborns. Data was analyzed from 37 questionnaires administered to midwives who were currently working in maternity wards in Swaziland. The findings demonstrated that because of lack of educational preparation, some midwives were unaware of the emotional needs of women who have experienced stillbirths. Further, hospital policy was such that midwives were denied the privilege of assisting women through their grief. On the basis of the findings emerging from the study, some recommendations are made for changes in both basic and post basic education of midwives and in the timing of discharge for such mothers.

UNISWA Research Journal of Agriculture, Science and Technology Vol 3 (2) 2000: pp 12-15

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eISSN: 1029-9645