The Compositional and Fermentation Quality of Swaziland Emasi

  • R.T. Nsibande
  • A.M. Dlamini


Three brands of emasi sold in Swaziland shops were analyzed for fermentation and compositional quality. The commercial brands were Inkomazi, Ingula and Emasi Emvelo. The results of the commercial brands were compared with that of a control product prepared in the laboratory from 13% (w/v) total solids standardized milk. Syneresis of all the three brands of emasi were significantly (P<0.05) lower than that of the control. This indicated that a stabilizer was added and the mix was homogenized prior to the fermentation. Both the lactose and protein contents were significantly (P<0.05) higher in the different brands of emasi than in laboratory fermented milk. This indicated that milk power might have been added in all the samples to increase their total solids. The fat contents varied from 2.5% (w/v) in Emasi emvelo to 4.3% (w/v) in Inkomazi. In all the different brands of emasi the fat content differed significantly (P<0.05). The insignificant differences in fermentation quality, lactose and protein contents of the commercial brands of emasi, led to the conclusion that the variation on consumer prices of the three different brands of emasi may not be justified on the basis of quality.

UNISWA Research Journal of Agriculture, Science and Technology Vol 3 (2) 2000: pp 48-53

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eISSN: 1029-9645