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Technical Challenges Hindering Development of Robust Wireless Network Platforms to Support Emerging Applications.

E.E. Imiere, O.E. Okonta, N.C. Anujeonye, M.N. Nwanze, U.R Wemembu


Wireless communications is the fastest growing sector of the communications industry and as such, it has captured the attention of the media and the imagination of the public. Cellular phones have experienced exponential growth over the last two decades, and this growth has continued unabated worldwide, with more than a billion worldwide cell phone users projected in the nearest future. Indeed, cellular phones have become a critical business tool and part of everyday life in most developed countries, and are rapidly replacing antiquated wireline systems in many developing countries. In addition, wireless local area networks are currently poised to supplement or replace wired networks in many businesses and campuses. Many new applications, including wireless sensor networks, automated highways and factories, smart homes and appliances, and remote telemedicine, are emerging from research ideas to real systems. The explosive growth of wireless systems coupled with the proliferation of laptop and palmtop computers indicate a bright future for wireless networks, both as stand-alone systems and as part of the larger networking set-up. However, many technical challenges remain to be resolved, in designing robust wireless networks that can deliver the performance necessary to buoy emerging applications and make the wireless vision a reality.

Key words: wireless communications, technical challenges,wireless networks, packet radio network, cellular telephone.

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