Video conferencing: most effective technology to run assemblies and meetings for large audience dispersed in distant locations: is it feasible to deploy in Nigeria?

  • O.E. Osuagwu
  • Chinwe Ndigwe
  • C Ihedigbo
  • U Suleiman
  • Olofi Babatunde
Keywords: video conferencing mulyimedia data, protocols, Student motivation, Codec


Solutions to Current economic problems associated with national economic depression need be approached from technology point of view. The cost of air and land movements have tripled in the last few months with the attendant risk of accident, armed robbery attacks and vehicular breakdown. If every member of staff, student or congregation can remain in his location and join lectures, meetings and listen to sermons without the additional burden, cost of travelling, we think such a technology that would make this feasible is friendly, economic and useful. Video conferencing technology, if effectively deployed, can achieve the above goals. Videoconferencing is a technology developed to conduct a conference between two or more participants at different sites by using computer networks to transmit audio and video data The objetives of this paper is to present the need for its deployment, the technology involved, the cost and how it can be implemented in Nigeria. Its deployment will make life more meaningful and convenient, reduce costs and dangers of travelling as well as reduce the number of hands needed to execute meeting. The eBaithak model has been adopted in this article.

Keywords: video conferencing mulyimedia data, protocols, Student motivation, Codec


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