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Statistical Analysis of Deviance among Children in Makurdi Metropolis

MM Kembe, EM Kembe


This study sampled a total of four hundred and three individuals from designated households in Makurdi metropolis, Benue State. The study respondents responded to a self-report survey which
gathered information on three deviant acts: alcoholism, smoking and dropping out of school. Criteria for deviant acts were defined, and each of the three acts was analyzed against the
criteria of the type of family. Propensities toward deviance were identified against three normative dimensions – single parent (mother), single parent (father), both parents. The most
prevalent deviance among children from single parents is children dropping out of school while that of children from two parents is alcoholism. It is the conclusion of this study that home background and family type has a correlation with deviant behavior. Based on this, there is need for youth employment, government intervention and awareness education on parental

Keywords: Households, deviance, drooping out of school, smoking and alcoholism

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