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Building Trust and Confidentiality in Cloud computing Distributed Data Storage

IV Uegebe
UE Omenka


Cloud computing delivers massively scalable computing resources as a service with internet technologies. Resources are shared among a vast number of consumers allowing for a lower cost of IT ownership. Enterprises can store or rent data storage as a service in a “pay-per-use” manner. As with
new technology, this new way of doing business brings with it new challenges, especially when considering the security and privacy of the information stored and processed within the cloud. In this paper, we looked at data security, described the current state of data security in the cloud and the possible threats obtainable in cloud computing. We described how the combination of existing research thrusts has the potential to solve many threats concerning confidentiality and adoption of
cloud. We proposed that with continued research and adoption of trusted computing and computation supporting encryption, maintaining integrity of data in the cloud will be a success.

Keyword: Cloud computing, Security, privacy, internet services, virtual machines.