Relationship Between Adult Renal Dimensions and Biometric Parameters

  • IJ Okoye
  • KIC Agwu
  • RR Obioha
  • FU Idigo
Keywords: Sonography, renal dimensions, biometric parameters


We measured renal dimensions sonographically and correlated the values
obtained with some anthropometric parameters in order to identify the best estimate of renal size in a clinical setting. The renal dimensions of 200 adult subjects referred for abdomino-pelvic scan at University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Enugu and who had no history of renal
disease were measured sonographically. The length, width, depth, area, volume and renal shape index of the kidneys were correlated with the age, height, weight and sex of the subjects. The maximum values of
the renal length, width and depth were 10.55 ± 0.01 cm,4.35 ± 0.03 cm and 4.55 ± 0.02 cm respectively. There were no variations in size between the left and right sides in these three parameters. Only renal length showed variation in size between the leftand right sides. Renal length correlated negatively with age ofthe subjects (r = - 0.77) but positivelywith
height and width. Renal area, volume and width showed positive correlation with height and weight of the subjects but not with age. Though, we showed that renal length has the least inter-observer variation, differences between the right and left require establishment of confidence intervals for accurate estimate ofnormality. Renal area on-the other hand, is not affected by side differences and does not involve increased scan time. Renal area is therefore recommended for routine clinical use.

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eISSN: 1115-3474