The cavernicolous swimming crab Atoportunus dolichopus Takeda, 2003 (Crustacea, Decapoda, Portunidae) reported for the first time in the Western Indian Ocean during technical dives in the mesophotic zone

  • Gabriel Barathieu
  • Olivier Konieczny
  • Joseph Poupin ECOLE NAVALE (IRENav)
Keywords: Cavernicolous crab, Atoportunus, Mayotte Island, Mesophotic zone


The rare cavernicolous crab Atoportunus dolichopus Takeda, 2003, described from Kume-Jima Island, Ryukyu archipelago, is recorded for the first time since its description. Two pecimens were observed in a marine cave off Mayotte Island, Western Indian Ocean, during technical dives in the mesophotic zone. The crabs were observed in total darkness at a depth of 75m, 120m from the entrance of the cave. No specimens were collected but morphological traits recognized on close-up photographs agree with those of A. dolichopus. This rare species is illustrated with comments on its remarkable disjunct geographical distribution and ecology.

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Joseph Poupin, ECOLE NAVALE (IRENav)

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eISSN: 0856-860X
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