Western Indian Ocean Journal of Marine Science

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Short Communication: An Update on Initiatives to Reduce Prawn Trawl Bycatch in the Western Indian Ocean

ST Fennessy, X Vincent, Y Budeba, EM Mueni, DZ Gove


While prawn trawling contributes substantially to the economies of some Western Indian Ocean countries, there is usually a considerable bycatch, much of which is wastefully discarded. Conflict between trawlers and other fisheries sectors often occurs, for example when trawlers catch species which are targeted by these other sectors, or if they interfere with their fishing
operations. This short communication reviews initiatives in the Western Indian Ocean to reduce prawn trawler bycatch, and notes that, with the exception of Madagascar, most initiatives have been limited or sporadic. Lack of will and/or interest, as well as a lack of technical expertise and funding, are identified as possible reasons, but there is scope for improvement if the Madagascan
example is followed.

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