Compiling Specialised Dictionaries in African Languages: Isichazamazwi SezoMculo as a Special Reference

  • D Nkomo


This article presents the challenges encountered in the compilation of Isichazamazwi SezoMculo, a Ndebele dictionary of musical terms, henceforth the ISM and the strategies that were used to deal with the respective challenges. The article notes that the experience of the compilers of the dictionary in question is similar to that of other lexicographers who compiled other specialised dictionaries in Shona at the African Languages Research Institute (ALRI). This prompts the author to conclude that the challenges encountered and the strategies employed are characteristics of specialised lexicography especially in African languages which are still less developed. As such, the article attempts to bring insights in African languages lexicography which are hoped to develop African languages and promote their use in specialised, advanced and formal domains of communication.

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eISSN: 0379-0622