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Effect of An Educational Program About Medical Waste Management on Awareness of Internship Physicians in Zagazig University Hospitals

GF El-Sharkawy


Background: Medical wastes are hazardous and many physicians especially at the beginning of their career are not aware of their proper management. Therefore, they may share in dissemination of these hazardous Wastes.
Objectives: The objectives of this study were to describe an educational program about Medical Waste Management
for Internship physicians (house officers) in Zagazig University Hospitals and to assess its effect on their awareness. Methods :-Interventional study on purposive sample (N= 36) internship physicians conducted at Zagazig Medical Education
Development Center as a part of infection control training course conducted in April 2009. Educational seminars were held with power point demonstration of method for
sealing boxes, sharps containers and red bags. Presentation of the national and international standards and regulations for biomedical waste accompanied. Sticking up of posters and distribution of CDs and handouts were done. Evaluation of the
Intervention was done by post-interventional questionnaire of satisfaction and posttest versus pretest results Results: Significant improvement of who have good knowledge from 25% to 78%. After the program ,more than 70% identify wastes as a
risk factor for Nosocomial Infection and as one of the quality standards. All attendants (100%) correctly describe skills needed for dealing with hazardous wastes
Conclusion: The educational program about medical waste management for internship has good effect on improving awareness and is recommended to be adopted national strategy.

Key Words: Medical waste, Educational seminars , internship physician
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