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Re-examination of horn innervation in cattle using Fluorogold

M-C. Madekurozwa
M. Purton
J. S. Boyd


Fluorogold, a neurotracer was applied to horn-bases of two calves and two 15-month-old heifers. The neurotracer was taken up by cut nerves, and was then transported in a retrograde manner along the nerves. The inspection of nerve sections under the fluorescence microscope revealed Fluorogold granules in the zygomaticotemporal and infratrochlear nerves of all four animals, as well as in the frontal nerve of a single animal. Fluorogold granules were not present in either the frontal sinus nerve or the cervical nerves. These preliminary results suggest that, in cattle, the zygomaticotemporal nerve is not the only nerve supplying the horn base.

(Zimbabwe Veterinary Journal, 2000, 31 (2&3): 65-72)

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eISSN: 1016-1511