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The Egyptian Journal of Natural History publishes taxonomic and faunistic studies, or field-based research involving the natural history of the Egyptian fauna and flora. Both short and long papers are welcomed. We particularly encourage studies on Sinai.View the Instructions for authors All papers are reviewed by at least one or two Egyptian referees, and then by international referees. The referee/s are chosen by the editors. The language of publication is English. Summaries are given in English and Arabic, and may also be given in other languages. In case of non-Arab authors, the editors will prepare the Arabic summary.

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Vol 6 (2013)

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A review of the scorpion fauna of Saudi Arabia EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT
AK Al-Asmari, AA Al-Saif, NM Abdo, KR Al-Moutaery, NO Al-Harbi 1-21

Egyptian Journal of Natural History.   ISSN: 1110-6867