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Perineal Ectopic Testis in an Adult

Gilbert Maranya, Bernard Mwero


Testicular maldescent may be cryptorchid with descent being arrested along its normal pathway resulting in an abdominal, inguinal or high scrotal testis, or it may stray from the normal descent to settle in an ectopic site outside the scrotum; such as the perineum, pubic region, dorsum of the penis, femoral region, anterior abdominal wall and the contralateral scrotum. Management is orchidopexy through an inguinal crease incision as the length of the spermatic cord is normal. We report a 26 year old man with a left perineal testis who underwent orchidopexy as the testicular volume was normal.

Key words: Ectopic testis, Perineal testis,Maldescended testis
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