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Contribution of Professor Saidi to surgical education in Kenya

Daniel Kinyuru Ojuka


Surgical education in Kenya has grown over the last 40 years from just one medical school to three and from being offered by university to now a combination of university and collegiate system. While the traditionally technical skills were the main focus in surgical training, non-technical skills such as interpersonal communication, professionalism, system-based learning, problem based learning and leadership skills have come to be core competencies. Apprenticeship was the method for training in technical and non-technical skills, but today there is explicit curriculum with various methods of training for both technical and non-technical skills. Professor Saidi contribution to the surgical education in Kenya was from traditional  aspects as well as newer aspects. His contribution to the transition from just skills training to the 21st century competency-based training, from basics to technology-based interventions cannot be overemphasized. This article is in memory of his contribution to surgical education in Kenya.

Keywords: Surgical education, Competency-based learning, Mentorship

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