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Lithopedion Causing Intestinal Obstruction

B Riogi, K Odhiambo, O Ogutu


The formation of a mummifi ed intra-abdominal pregnancy (lithopedion) is rare. A 25 year old Para 4 + 0 gravida 5 presented with features of intestinal
obstruction and a four year history of an intra abdominal mass. Examination revealed a solid mass in the right upper quadrant. Ultrasound imaging showed a poor echo-calcifi ed mass while an erect abdominal x ray revealed foetal bones within the abdominal cavity. At laparatomy a lithopedion with
a normal uterus was found. Her last normal delivery was one year prior to this current presentation. A lithopedion causing a mass effect (intestinal  obstruction) and predating a normal intra uterine pregnancy followed by spontenous vertex delivery has not been reported in Kenya.

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