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Examination of Qasam (Oath/Swearing) among Muslims and the Implications in Nigeria

Alawiye Adegoke Naheem


Oath swearing has become a perfunctory among Nigerian Muslims and has lost the spiritual significance it hitherto had. Consequently, oaths are sworn  frivolously in business, politics, in family-related matters with no second thought about the consequences for Muslims. This paper evaluates the  contextual meaning of oath/swearing generally with particular attention to Islamic application which places great importance oathtaking but gave room  for kaffara (expiation), the compensation or atonement paid for a sinful act in Islam. The work is library-based research. It adopts the qualitative research  method. Primary and secondary sources including journal articles are employed. With the aid of the Qur'an and Hadith, this paper critically assesses the  place of oath/swearing in socio-political engagement, it brings to the limelight the nature of oath/swearing among Nigerian Muslims and identifies areas  that align with Islamic tenet or otherwise. Thus, Muslims should not take oath/swearing for granted but swear only as and when due and must be ready  to say the truth. 

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