Cytokeratin Expression in Evaluation of Odontogenic Cysts

  • C A Iyogun
  • O Ochicha
  • O G Omitola
  • S Alpha


Background & Objectives: Odontogenic cysts differ significantly in biologic behaviour (particularly neoplastic potential), thereby making confirmatory histological diagnosis imperative for proper clinical management. This study therefore explores the use of cytokeratin (CK) immunophenotyping in the histological distinction between three common odontogenic cysts - dentigerous cyst (DC), odontogenic keratocyst (OKC) and radicular cyst (RC).

Materials & Methods: Using avidin-biotin immunoperoxidase technique, 19 odontogenic cysts were immunophenotyped for cytokeratins 7, 17, 19 & 20 at the pathology department of Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital, Kano. The 19 cases included 8 DCs, 8 RCs and 3 OKCs.

Results: Odontogenickeratocysts were strongly positive for all CKs in the study (7,17,19,20), while dentigerous cysts were only positive for CK19 (75%). Radicular cysts were strongly positive for CKs 7 (75%), 17 (100%) and 19 (100%).

Conclusion: Given their differential pattern of immunostaining, cytokeratin immunoprofiling can be used to distinguish between the three common forms of odontogenic cysts. OKCs were positive for all 4 immunomarkers (CKs 7,17,19,20), radicular cysts for 3 (CKs 7,17,19) and dentigerous cysts for one (CK19).

Keywords: odontogenic cysts, cytokeratin, immunohistochemistry


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eISSN: 1596-6569