Agronomie Africaine

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Effect of field application of Cubitermes (Isoptera,TerMImitidae) mound soil on growth AND and yield of maize in Central African Republic

JA Mokossesse, G Josens, J Mboukoulida, JF Ledent


This work was undertaken at two different sites (A and B) in the field in Central African Republic (4°23 N, 18° W) during a two years-period. The objective of the work is to show the effect of termites (Cubitermes sp.) mounds on the growth and yield of maize. Samples of 250 g (T1) and 1000 g (T2) of mounds materials were applied before maize sowing and plant growth parameters were monitored. Results show that the application of 1 kg of termites mounds (containing, on average, 1.46 - 1.60 g mineralizable N) produced significant maize growth 30 days after sowing. Yield also increased by 45.1 % for a planting density of 31 250 plants ha-1, is a significant difference 0,92 t / ha (p < 0.05) as compared to the control. The effect of the mounds on the growth which became significant after 30 days, suggests that from this period, maize root zone would explored a certain volume of soil. Although the turn-over of Cubitermes mounds was fast, their intensive use industrially would certainly raise the issue of availability.

Keywords: Cubitermes, mounds, fertilizer, amendment maize.

Agronomie Africaine 24 (3) : 241 - 252 (2012)

AJOL African Journals Online