Mechanical Properties of Moringa (Moringa oleifera) Seeds in relation to an Oil Expeller Design

  • EA Ajav
  • OA Fakayode


Mechanical properties are very important in the design of machines and the analysis of the behaviour of products during agricultural processing. In this research work, the mechanical properties of Moringa were determined as design parameters for the development of an oil expeller for the crop. The properties were the applied force, deformation, stress, energy and Young Modulus. They were determined at peak, break and yield.The average force at peak, deformation at peak, stress at peak and energy to peak were found to be 58.535 N, 5.0990 mm, 49.26 N/mm2 and 0.1344 N.m respectively. The average force at break, deformation at break, stress at break and energy to break were found to be 58.420 N, 5.1241 mm, 49.12 N/mm2 and 0.1357 N.m respectively. The force at yield, stress at yield and energy to yield were found to be 39.000 N, 33.66 N/mm2 and 0.0224 N.m respectively. The Young's modulus was found to be 195.32 N/mm2. These parameters would provide important and essential data for the efficient design of the oil expeller.

Keywords: Moringa, Mechanical Properties, Oil, Oil Expeller.


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eISSN: 1117-9996