AGROSEARCH – A journal of Agriculture, Food and Developments is published biannually (June & December) to create an effective medium for dissemination of information on research findings in all areas of agriculture, food sciences and developments.


Original reports, review articles, short communication, book reviews and letter to the editor.  Comments on articles published will also be considered for publication.

Contributions may be on Agronomy, Crop protection, Soil science, Forestry, Animal Science, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Extension, Rural Development, Food Technology and Agricultural Technology.  The Journal also entertains articles in allied fields.

Preparation of manuscripts

  • Articles should be written in English with moderate mathematical and technical terminologies to facilitate wide readership.
  • All manuscripts should be typed, double-spaced, on one side of white A4 size (210 x 297mm) paper.
  • The length of the manuscript should be in general not exceeding 15 pages (tables, figures and other illustrations inclusive).
  • Leave ample margins, 3.5cm to the left and 3.5cm to the top and bottom of the page.
  • The cover sheet should contain (a) Title of the article (b) Author (s) name, followed by a line at the tail end giving name and address to which all correspondence should be addressed.
  • The first page of the manuscript should contain the title of the article only but not author’s name.
  • The main heading should be centered and capitalized; the secondary and tertiary headings should be typed in lower case letters to the left of the page.
  • Use only international system of Unit (SI) and ensure that units are quantitative measurements, e.g. 3kg; when they are preceded by a capitalized noun, e.g. Table 8; or when they are in table.
  • Tables and figures should be numbered in Arabic numerals, cited in the text, sources indicated if not original (i.e. not made by the author), and on separate sheet(s).
  • Each table and figure should have an explanatory legend, which should be typed at the bottom of the page.
  • Minimum of three references should come from AGROSEARCH.
  • Reference citation in the text should follow the name years system; all references cited must be listed in alphabetical order of the sole/senior/first author’s names; each reference should be systematic as for journal; surname of the author(s) initials; year of publication (in parenthesis), title of paper, name of Journal (italicized), volume number, number of issue (if applicable) in Arabic numerals on the first and the last pages of the references, e.g.

Ladele A.A. (1991) …………………………………………..“A Descriptive Analysis of Agriculture Cooperative Model in Rural Development”.  Journal of Rural Development and Administration.  23 (3):1-8.

For two authors” Joseph, K. and Aworh, O. C. (1991) “Composition, Sensory Quality and Respiration during Ripening and Storage of Edible Wild Mango (Invingia gabonensis)”.  International Journal of Food Science and Technology. 26:337-342.


For the citation of books, the author’s name comes first followed by year of publication in bracket, title of book (underlined), edition and volume number (if any) page or pages, city of publication and publishers e.g. Fredick, G. B. (1970).

Principles of Educational and Psychological Testing.  468 pp. Illinois: The Dryden Press Inc.

For a chapter in a book, e.g. Pickering, D. C. (1978)  “An overview of agricultural extension and its linkages with agricultural research”.  The World Bank experience.  In: Agricultural Extension Worldwide: Issues, Practices and Emerging Priorities (ed (s) Rivera, W. M. and Schram, W. G.) 320 pp.  New York: Crom Helm.


Careful editing and scrutiny are required before sending manuscript to the editor as no room for alteration may exist once an article is accepted for publication based on reviewers’ comments.

Author(s) of accepted manuscripts will receive a complimentary copy of the volume in which their article appears.  However, publication is subject to payment of page charge, the amount of which would be communicated to contributors on the acceptance of their manuscript(s).

Contributors are to send their manuscripts, not previously published or being considered for publication elsewhere to:


The Editor-in-Chief

c/o Prof. O. A. Omotesho


Faculty of Agriculture,


P.M.B. 1515,Ilorin,

Kwara State,Nigeria.


Indicate the subject area and the keywords of the manuscript submitted.

All manuscripts should be accompanied by a processing fee of Five thousand naira (N5, 000) or $50 payable in bank draft or cash to AGROSEARCH.

Bank name:  UBA PLC Ilorin.

Naira Account Number: 1008139794 sort code: 033141745 

Domiciliary Account Number: 3001025629 sort code: 033143196 swift code: UNAFNGLA

On acceptance, authors would be required to pay Eighteen Thousand Naira (N18, 000) or $100 as page charge.

Kindly note that you will be required to also pay Three thousand naira (N3,000) postage fee for the hard copy of your Journal if you don’t reside in Ilorin or can’t come to collect it when published.

  • Submission of papers for the year ends by 31st October of that year.

Copyright of all published articles belongs to the Journal.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1117-9996