Performance and nutrient intake of Zebu Heifers fed guinea grass hay supplemented with broilet litter based concentrate diets

  • MA Belewa


Sixteen zebu heifors were ted 0. 20. 40 and 60% autoclaved broiler litter in total mixed rations. The effect of treatment was evaluated on feed intake. mean growth rate. digestibility coetlicient and digestible nutrient intake. Autoclaved broiler litter appeared to be well accepted by heiters even when included in ration at 60% of total DM. DM intake average 4.30. 3.97. 3.99 and 4.79kg/d for heiter ted 0. 20. 40 and 60% autoclaved broiler litter respectively. Mean body weight change averaged 325. 418. 258 and 348g/d for heifer ted 0 to 60% autoclaved
broiler litter respectively. Replacement of cassava waste meal with autoclaved broiler litter significantly increased lp<0.05) the teed intake. digestibility and digestible nutrient ( CP and CF) of the ration but reduced those of ether extract (p<0.05) expressed on metabolic size basis. Dry matter intake from the ration was positively and significantly (p<0.05) correlated with DCP (r=0.87). Autoclaved broiler litter ted up to 60% of total mixed ration supported both adequate digestible nutrient intake and live-weight gain of heiters. The results underscored the need to supplement the feeding of zebu with concentrate supplement containing up to 60% ABL and 38% CWM which can provide an avenue for poultry waste and enhance cattle production.

Keywords: Zebu heiters. broiler litter. cassava waste. teed-intake. digestible nutrient


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eISSN: 1117-9996