Hydromorphic soils of two inland valley swamps in the rain forest zone of Nigeria. I some physical and chemical Properties

  • GO Oyediran
  • T Wakatsuki


Physical and chemical properties of hydromorphic soils of two inland valley swamps (IVS) in the rain forest zone of Nigeria were studied to assist in predicting water movement and soil management for their effective uses. Soils of Abakaliki swamp are generally silty clay with the silt content ranging.from 204 to 562g kg-1 in the surface horizons whereas the silt content ofpedons on Bende swamp seldom exceed 200g kg·1
• Results of particle - size distribution of the soils imply that both soils would have the ability of retaining high amount of water. However, the high silt content of the soils of Abakaliki swamp in addition to clay would enhance much more water retention than the Bende soils. In general, the soils have acidic soil reactions for which high precipitation in the area and leaching effects have been implicated The effective cation exchange capaci1y (CECe) values af the soils were generally low: organic carbon content and Bray-I. Pvalues ofthe·surface horizons ranged between 9.3g kg-1 and 23.9g kg-1 and from 1.0 mg kg -J to 9.0 mg kg -I respectively. The acidic reaction of the surface horizons of the soils could be implicated for low Bray - 1 P. Application of non-acidifying fertilizer. would therefore be necessary lo ameliorate the poor fertility.

Keywords: Hydromorphic soils, leaching, swamp, active iron ratio


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eISSN: 1117-9996