Stability of blend of carrot, pineapple and soymilk treated with Aframomum danielli powder

  • A.O. Dauda
  • A.O. Abiodun
  • U.I. Ibanga


Juice was made from carrot and pineapple and was blended with soymilk in the ratio 35%:35%:30% respectively and treated with powdered extract of A. danielli in varying proportions (1g, 2g and 3g). The treated samples were stored for twelve weeks with the control (sample without A. danielli extract) and analyses carried out. Ascorbic acid, total soluble solids and total sugar of the samples were analysed. The results showed that 5.0-7.50% of ascorbic acid, 0.95-1.86% of total soluble solids and 0.05-0.04% of total sugars, were lost in the treated samples, while the amount of ascorbic acid, total soluble solids and total sugars lost in the control samples was 17.50%, 7.12% and 0.90% respectively over the same period. Thus, the inclusion of powdered extract of A. danielli was able to reduce the loss of nutrients thereby preserving the chemical properties investigated in this research.

Keywords: A. danielli extract, Stability, Juice extraction, Preservation, Blending


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1117-9996