The influence of socio-economic variables on adoption behaviour towards Tadco improved rice parboiling technique among rice parboilers in Kura processing Areas of Kano state, Nigeria

  • H.M. Alimi
  • M.I. Zango


Among the reason put forward for the huge consumption and preference for foreign rice is the use of improved techniques employed by developed countries in  producing high grade and pebble free rice. This study therefore examines the influence of socio-economic variables on the adoption behavior of rice parboilers towards Tadco improved rice parboiling technique among female parboilers in Kura rice processing Areas of Kano State. Cluster sampling was used with a sample size of six hundred and ninety eight respondents (698).Data collection and analysis were carried out using mixed method. Data was collected using a structured questionnaire and Focus group discussion while the analysis was done using  frequency distribution, Logistic regression and content analysis. The analysis  revealed that majority of the respondents is of low educational level, income and exposure to modern rice parboiling technique. Awareness of tadco parboiling  technique was very high but the adoption is rather low. Age and educational level were found to be associated with non adoption with socio-economic variables  explaining between 2.6% and 16.2% of variation in non adoption of tadco parboiling technique. Educational level is positively related (p<0.05) while age is negatively related with the dependent variable. Evidence from the Focus group discussion showed that the huge non adoption recorded is as a result of non favourability of the technique. The advantage is seen in skills acquisition and confidence booster which has helped them greatly using their traditional method. The study concluded that education of the rural women should be prioritized, gap in gender disparity bridged by technology manufacturer while designing improved techniques. A viable feedback mechanism should exist between innovation manufacturer and the end users to provide solution to any shortcoming that might come up in the course of technology use.

Keywords: socio-economic variables, female rice parboilers adoption behaviour,


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eISSN: 1117-9996