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Bone turnover biomarkers in obese postmenopausal Saudi women with type-ІІ diabetes mellitus

NM Alselami, AFN Noureldeen, MA AL-Ghamdi, JA khan, SS Moselhy


Background: There is a high prevalence of diabetes mellitus type-2 (T2DM) and osteoporosis are problems worldwide. In this study, we evaluated the correlation between T2DM and bone turnover in diabetic obese postmenopausal Saudi women.
Subjects and Methods: The present study included total of 65 T2-DM obese postmenopausal Saudi women, (36 uncontrolled, 29 controlled) .The following serum biochemical parameters were evaluated [fasting blood glucose (FBG),total calcium (Ca), phosphorus (Pi), parathyroid hormone (PTH), 1,25-(OH)2Vitamin D3 ,osteocalcin (OC), procollagen (PICP) and cathepsin k (Cath K) ].
Results: Serum OC levels were significantly decreased in diabetic obese postmenopausal group compared to their respective healthy group (P < 0.004). PICP and Cath K were significantly elevated in diabetic postmenopausal group compared to the healthy group ( P < 0.024 & 0.001). A significant elevation in 1,25(OH)2 Vitamin D3, Ca and Pi levels in diabetic obese postmenopausal patients group compared to the healthy group. However, a non-significant changes was observed in serum PTH level between different groups.
Conclusion: In this study, the changes in the biochemical parameters and bone turnover markers in obese women are strong risk factors for diabetes development that may contribute to osteopenia and osteoporosis. The study showed the strong effect of T2DM on biochemical markers of bone turnover in obese postmenopausal Saudi women.

Keyword: Diabetes mellitus type-2, Bone markers, Postmenopausal
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