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Idiopathic hypertrophic pachymeningitis presenting with occipital neuralgia

L Auboire, J Boutemy, JM Constans, T Le Gallou, P Busson, B Bienvenu


Background: Although occipital neuralgia is usually caused by degenerative arthropathy, nearly 20 other aetiologies may lead to this condition.
Methods: We present the first case report of hypertrophic pachymeningitis revealed by isolated occipital neuralgia.
Results and conclusions: Idiopathic hypertrophic pachymeningitis is a plausible cause of occipital neuralgia and may present without cranial-nerve palsy. There is no consensus on the treatment for idiopathic hypertrophic pachymeningitis, but the usual approach is to start corticotherapy and then to add immunosuppressants. When occipital neuralgia is not clinically isolated or when a first-line treatment fails, another disease diagnosis should be considered. However, the cost effectiveness of extended investigations needs to be considered.

Keywords: neuralgia/pathology, meningitis, neck pain/aetiology, review
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