A case report on near manual strangulation and glasgow coma scale

  • BL Meel
Keywords: strangulation, Glasgow coma scale, prognosis and resuscitation


Background: Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) is considered as a gold standard in estimating the prognosis of the comatose patient. The management of the patient relies heavily on this scale. The mechanism of injury must also be included in scoring of the GCS. Survival from strangulation is uncommon, and if it occurs, it is often associated with various complications such as neurological consequences.
Objective: To highlight a poor correlation with low GCS and ultimate outcome in cases of manual  strangulation.
Case report: This is a case report of young female adult who was raped and manually strangulated by a  colleague during a training course for traditional healers. She was admitted with very low (3/15) Glasgow  Coma Scale (GCS) and presumed to have a poor prognosis. She was rigorously ventilated in Intensive Care Unit (ICU), and was discharged from hospital after a week without any complications. The neck and genital injuries are described. This report discusses.
Conclusion: A low Glasgow Coma Scale is not a predictive of poor prognosis in cases of manual strangulation.

Keywords: strangulation, Glasgow coma scale, prognosis and resuscitation


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