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Comparative yield of different active TB case finding interventions in a large urban TB project in central Uganda: a descriptive study

Andrew Kazibwe
Fred Twinomugisha
Joseph Musaazi
Florence Nakaggwa
Disan Lukanga
Phillip Aleu
Timothy Kiyemba
Abel Nkolo
Nicholas Sebuliba Kirirabwa
Debora B Freitas Lopez
Estella Birabwa
Seyoum Dejene
Stella Zawedde-Muyanja


Introduction: Systematic screening for TB among patients presenting to care and among high risk populations is recom- mended to improve TB case finding. We aimed to describe the comparative yield of three TB screening approaches imple- mented by a large urban TB project in central Uganda.

Methods: We abstracted data on the screening cascade from 65 health facilities and their surrounding communities (num- bers screened, with presumptive TB, receiving a diagnostic test and diagnosed with TB) from the different clinic and com- munity TB registers.

Results: From January 2018 to December 2019, 93,378 (24%) of all patients screened at health facilities had presumptive TB; 77,381 (82.9%) received a diagnostic test and 14,305 (18.5%) were diagnosed with TB. The screening yield (the number of patients diagnosed with TB out of all patients screened) was 0.3% and was three times higher among men than women (0.6% vs 0.2% p<0.01). During targeted community screening interventions, 9874 (21.1%) of all patients screened had presumptive TB; 7034 (71.2%) of these received a diagnostic test and 1699 (24.2%) were diagnosed with TB. The screening yield was higher among men, (3.7% vs 3.3% p<0.01) and highest among children 0-14 (4.8% vs 3.2% p<0.01).

Conclusion: Targeted community TB screening interventions improve access to TB diagnosis for men and children 0-14 years.

Keywords: Tuberculosis; screening; community; Uganda.

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eISSN: 1729-0503
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