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Detection of hepatitis C virus among HIV patients in Port Harcourt, Rivers State

Glory Barinuaka Baeka
Julius Kola Oloke
Oluyinka Oladele Opaleye


Background: Hepatitis C virus (HCV) a major human pathogen infecting millions of individuals worldwide, thereby in- creasing the risks for chronic liver diseases and has been discovered that HIV/HCV co-infected patients have a greater risk.

Objective: To determine the prevalence of HCV infection among HIV infected people in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

Methodology: The patients were from the ages of 18 and above attending the antiretroviral clinic for over 6 months. The mean age of the participants was 36.91±8.38. Data were gotten from the 550 patients using a modified questionnaire and 5mls of blood samples were collected through venepuncture into EDTA bottles and spun at 3000rpm for 10 minutes sepa- rating the plasma from the whole blood. The CD4+ count was gotten from the patients’ file and the samples kept at -700C till analized. HCV antibody was detected using a commercially available third generation kit manufactured by Melsin Medical Co and statistical analysis was done using a Stata version 16. P value was determined using ANOVA.

Result: Total number positive to the HCV antibody was 24(4.4%) of which 8(33.3%) were males, while 16(66.7%) were females. Prevalence (29.2%) was among patients in the 31–35 age range. The CD4+ count ranged from 22-864 cells/µl with a mean value of 303.08±194.

Conclusion: From this study HIV/HCV co-infection occurs among HIV infected people in Port Harcourt. The CD4+ count was discovered to be low and was not age, nor gender dependent. HIV infected people should therefore be routinely screened for HCV.

Keywords: Serology; HCV; HIV; CD4+ Count.

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