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A comparative study of serological diagnosis of Dengue outbreak 2019

Muhammad Bilal Habib
Noreen Sher Akbar
Anber Saleem


Purpose: The interpretation & correlation of the different laboratory parameters in positive dengue cases in order to eval- uate that which laboratory test is more significant for diagnosis of Dengue.

Methods: Prospective examination of samples (patients’ serum) for dengue virus of different genotype by using multiplex anti-dengue IgM, IgG. We have done NS-1 test by (ICT) immunochromatographic devices, and complete blood picture (CBC) by Sysmex XP-100.

Result: Detection of Viral RNA in 100 patients showed effects in the total of 73 (73.0%) samples. This graphical compar- ison shows the whole positive cases including dengue NS-I antigen, dengue serology (IgM & IgG), total 62 positive cases of NS-I are detected, 10 positive cases of dengue IgM and 9 positive cases of IgG detected, in which Complete Blood Test (CBC) shows remarkable reduction in Platelets (32 cases) and Leucopenia in (24 positive cases).

Conclusion: In this research, it is concluded that the diagnosis of dengue cases is preliminary limited to initial stages i.e. CBC or sometimes dengue NS-I, as dengue IgM severity is more effective than that of Dengue NS-I & IgG. Many patients who had negative results in CBC and NS-1 testing, became positive when IgM and IgG serology testing has been done.

Keywords: Dengue; NS-1; IgG; IgM; Immunochrometographic test.

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