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Insecticide resistance of Dengue vectors in South East Asia: a systematic review

Mohd Rohaizat Hassan
Noor Atika Azit
Suhaiza Mohd Fadzil
Siti Rasidah Abd Ghani
Norfazilah Ahmad
Azmawati Mohammed Nawi


Background: The insecticides used widely has led to resistance in the vector and impose a challenge to vector control op- eration.

Objectives: This review aims to analyse the distribution of insecticide resistance of dengue vectors in South East Asia and to describe the mechanism of insecticide resistance.

Methods: Literature search for articles published on 2015 to 2019 from PubMed, Scopus and ProQuest was performed. Total of 37 studies included in the final review from the initial 420 studies.

Results: Pyrethroid resistance was concentrated on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia and Northern Thailand and scat- tered at Java Island, Indonesia while organophosphate resistance was seen across the Java Island (Indonesia), West Sumatera and North Peninsular Malaysia. Organochlorine resistance was seen in Sabah, Malaysia and scattered distribution in Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. V1016G, S989P, F1269C gene mutation in Aedes Aegypti were associated with Pyrethroid resistance in Singapore and Indonesia. In Malaysia, over-expressed with monooxygenase P450 genes (CYP9J27, CYP6CB1, CYP9J26 and CYP9M4) Glutathione S-transferases, carboxylesterases commonly associated with pyrethroids resistance in Aedes Aegypti and CYP612 overexpressed in Aedes Albopictus. The genetic mutation in A302S in Aedes Albopictus was associated with organochlorine resistance in Malaysia.

Conclusions: Rotation of insecticide, integration with synergist and routine assessment of resistance profile are recom- mended strategies in insecticide resistance management.

Keywords: Insecticide resistance; vector management; Aedes; pyrethroid; mortality.

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