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Polymorphism in the TP63 gene imparts a potential risk for leukemia in the North Indian population

Amrita Bhat
Gh. Rasool Bhat
Sonali Verma
Ruchi Shah
Ashna Nagpal
Bhanu Sharma
Divya Bakshi
Jyotsna Suri
Supinder Singh
Mukesh Tanwar
Samantha Vaishnavi
Audesh Bhat
Rakesh Kumar


Background: The role of single nucleotide polymorphism rs10937405 (C>T) of the TP63 gene in cancer including leu- kemia has previously been studied in different world populations; however, the role of this variant in leukemia in the North Indian population of Jammu and Kashmir is still unknown.

Objectives: In the present study, we investigated the association of genetic variant rs10937405 with leukemic in the Jammu and Kashmir population.

Methods: A total of 588 subjects, (188 cases and 400 controls) were recruited for the study. The rs10937405 variant was genotyped by using the real-time based TaqMan assay.

Results: A statistically significant association was observed between the rs10937405 and leukemia [OR of 1.94 (95% CI 1.51-2.48), p=1.2x10-6].

Conclusion: The current study concludes that the rs10937405 variant is a risk factor for the development of leukemia in the population of Jammu and Kashmir, North India. However, it would be interesting to explore the contribution of this variant in other cancers as well. Our findings will help in the development of diagnostic markers for leukemia in the studied population and potentially for other North Indian populations.

Keywords: Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNPs); Leukemia; North Indian population; Tumour suppressor (TP63); Linkage Disequilibrium (LD); Genome wide association studies (GWAS); Jammu and Kashmir (J &K).

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