Cytogenetic profile of adult AML patients in Turkey: a single center study with comprehensive comparison with literature

  • Ayse Cirakoglu
  • Rahiye Dilhan Kuru
  • Sukriye Yilmaz
  • Ayhan Deviren
  • Seniz Ongoren
  • Fevzi Firat Yalniz
  • Dilek Keskin
  • Ahmet Emre Eskazan
  • Ayse Salihoglu
  • Muhlis Cem Ar
  • Serdar Sahin
  • Yildiz Aydin
  • Seniha Hacihanefioglu
  • Zafer Baslar
  • Teoman Soysal
  • Yelda Tarkan Arguden
Keywords: Acute myeloid leukemia; cytogenetics; chromosomal abnormalities; adult.


Background: Cytogenetic findings are important prognostic factors in acute myeloid leukemia. Large systematic data about chromosomal characteristics of Turkish AML patients have not been reported to date.

Objectives: The karyotypic profiles of 157 adult AML patients were evaluated retrospectively and compared with other reports from different populations.

Methods: Cytogenetics analyses were performed on bone marrow samples using G-banding. Patients were categorized according to their cytogenetic results into four groups with the addition of a normal karyotyped group to the favorable, intermediate and adverse groups of European Leukemia Network.

Results: Cytogenetic analyses were carried out successfully in 138 patients (88%). Abnormal karyotypes were found in 79 (57.2%) patients of which 13 (9.4%) were in favorable, 37 (26.8%) in intermediate and 29 (21%) in adverse groups. t(8;21) (5%) was the most common favorable abnormality while monosomal karyotypes (15.9%) in adverse group.

Conclusion: This single center study is the most comprehensive study about the cytogenetic profile of acute myeloid leukemia in Turkey with comparison of other population-based studies. While there were similarities and differences with different publications, our results did not show a marked tendency to the findings of any specific geographic region.

Keywords: Acute myeloid leukemia; cytogenetics; chromosomal abnormalities; adult.


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eISSN: 1729-0503
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