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Anti-seizure activity of the aqueous leaf extract of Solanum nigrum linn (solanaceae) in experimental animals

NN Wannang, JA Anuka, HO Kwanashie, S Gyang, A Auta


Background: Solanum nigrum is claimed in traditional medical practice, to be useful in the treatment of epilepsy in some parts of Nigeria. Objectives: To study the anti-convulsant property of the aqueous extract of the leaves of S. nigrum in chicks, mice and rats. Method: Aqueous extracts were administered intraperitoneally, at a pre-treatment time of 30 minutes, at graded doses and animals were challenged with different types of proconvulsants. Results: The aqueous leaf extract produced a significantly (P<0.05) dose dependent protection against electrically-induced seizure in chicks and rats, pentylenetetrazole-induced seizure in mice and rats and picrotoxin-induced seizure in mice and rats. The antiseizure property of the extract was potentiated by amphetamine.
Conclusion: The result obtained in this study suggests that the leaves of this plant may possess anti-convulsant property in chicks, mice and rats.

African Health Science Vol. 8 (2) 2008: pp. 74-79

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