A rare saccular aneurysm in cadaveric aortic arch: A case report

  • Julie Christy Amalraj
  • Rajeev Panwar
Keywords: Aneurysm, saccular aneurysm, aortic arch


Aneurysm is the swelling like enlargement present in the walls of the blood vessels. Saccular aneurysm is a rare entity when compared to fusiform aneurysm. Saccular aneurysm in the aortic arch is another rare location. We present a cadaveric case of a 55-year-old male cadaver in which saccular aneurysm was observed during routine dissection teaching for undergraduate students. The lesion was resected and sent for microscopic analysis. The lesion involved the vessel wall only. There were blood clots evident. This report presents the cadaveric presentation and histolopathological findings of the lesion.

Key words: Aneurysm, saccular aneurysm, aortic arch


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eISSN: 2305-9478
print ISSN: 2226-6054