Original research papers, short communications and reviews are published. Original papers should not normally exceed 15 double-spaced typewritten pages including tables and figures. Short communications should not normally exceed six double-spaced type written pages including tables and figures. Manuscript in English should be submitted in triplicates including all illustrations to the editor (Prof. F.O.I. Arene), department of animal and environmental biology, university of Port Harcourt, P.M.B. 5323, Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Submission of a paper to African journals of applied zoology and environmental biology is understood to imply that it has not been published (except in abstract form), and that it is not considered for publications elsewhere. The act of submitting a manuscript to African Journal of applied zoology and environmental biology caries with it the right to publish the paper. Publication will be facilitated if the following suggestions are followed: 1. Manuscript should be complete in all respects and be typewritten with double spacing. 2. the title page should be supplied as a separate sheet and include title of the paper, the names of the author(s), and a correspondence address. 3. Key words (indexing terms), normally 3-8 items should be supplied. 4. An abstract of not more than 5% of the length of the article should be provided. 5. Tables and figures should be kept to a minimum. Tables should be comprehensible without reference to the text and numbered serially in Arabic numerals. 6. figures should be numbered 7. Symbols and common abbreviations should be used freely and should conform to the style manual for biological journals; others should be kept to a minimum and be limited to the tables where they can be explained in foot notes. The inventing of abbreviations is not encouraged – if they are thought essential, their meaning should be spelt out at first use. 8. References: text references should give the authors name and year of publication in parentheses. If there are two authors, within the text use ‘and’, but within parentheses use the ampersand (&) when references are made to a work by three or more authors, first name followed by et al. should always be used. If several papers by the same author and from the same year are cited a, b, c, etc., should be inserted after the year publication. Within parentheses, group of references should be cited in chronological order. References should be listed in alphabetical order at the end of the paper in the following form: Green, R.H. (1993) application of repeated measures designs in environmental impact and monitoring studies. Aust. J. Eco.l. 18:81-98 Williams, W.D. 1983 life in inland waters. Blackwell science, Melbourne. Cow, T.T.(1994) schistosomiasis in: The rivers handbook (eds). P.James and G.C. Paul. Blackwell, London, pp.29-47. Manuscripts are copy-edited for clarity, conciseness, and for conformity to journal style. Proof: A marked copy of the proof will be sent to the author who must return the corrected proof to the editor with the minimum of delay. Page charges: a subvention of US$50(4,000.00) is requested per published article
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